Hi, I’m Natalie and this is my site.  Some of my friends insisted I had to start writing down some of the things that happen to me because, really, who would believe this stuff?

I watch too much tv, I like to read, I love to write but still procrastinate doing it, I am ridiculously persistent, I’m an extrovert and can talk to anyone, I’m not always organized by my own standards but am fairly organized by other people’s, I’m not a fan of chocolate or ice cream yet rocky road and mint chocolate chip are my favorite flavors,  I was a teetotaler until I discovered margaritas and red wine a few years ago, I am crazy about my big German Shepherd, I couldn’t live without music, I can’t dance but wish I could, I fell blessed to have the fantastic friends I do, and I live for my cup of tea in the morning.

This is my journey there and back again.


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